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Wedding Chairs that can transform your wedding

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

From Chiavari chairs to luxury throne chairs, there are so many options that can change the vibe of your wedding.

Throne Chairs

If you are lucky the venue will have nice chairs for you to use. I think that the bride and groom chairs should make a statement that says, "WOW"! The throne chairs are definitely a show stopper and center of attention.

photo by Elizabeth Ashley Co

wedding planner: Elana Walker Events

Chairs: Simply Events

Chiavari Chair

Another popular option for wedding chairs are the Chiavari chairs. These chairs are budget friendly, average cost $6 without padding and $8 with padding. This chair comes in various styles and colors as well. The most popular being gold and mahogany.

photo: Royal wood art etsy shop

Ghost Chair

The ghost chair is transparent and offers a contemporary and minimalist wedding design. These chairs can be monogramed or add greenery and flowers to give the chairs a different look.

photo: Sarah Pascutti Photography via Green wedding shoes

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